Our Favorite Pumpkin Ideas

Fall is here and pumpkins have appeared in our shop! Are you hosting a party or simply want to decorate for Halloween? Pumpkins are an age-old, simple solution to bringing a touch of the season indoors or adding that fall look to the exterior of your home.

It is believed that the custom carving of pumpkins and gourds began in Ireland. In this Celtic region, “Halloween” was the festival of Samhain – the time of year when the spirits of those passed were believed to return to Earth. Those who carved pumpkins were said to do so to ward of the bad spirits and would often place the lanterns on their window sills to keep the evil spirits from entering their homes.

Today the creation of the Jack-o-Lantern has become a world-recognized symbol of Halloween and, to many, an autumn family tradition.

Are you picking up one of our pumpkins to decorate this month? Here are some of our favorite, modern ideas for using your pumpkin this fall:

011-crayon-pumpkin-tutorialFrom Julie:
“I loved Halloween with my kids. We had a really busy neighborhood and we used to have potlucks in the weeks leading up to the holiday. My dad used to say ‘You have to carve your own pumpkin and I want it clean as a whistle!’ I will never forget that!”

Her pick: A bright and colorful melted crayon pumpkin! Find the tutorial on Dream a Little Bigger.


From Miriam:
“One of my favorite autumn traditions is to carve out the top of the pumpkin and create a festive floral centerpiece, which is perfect for the holiday season.”

Her pick: A fresh flower filled pumpkin – perfect for a fall wedding or simply adding color to your home decor. For more ideas on filling your own pumpkins with flowers and succulents, visit our Autumn Pinterest Board or bring your pumpkin into our shop! (1220 W. State Street in Boise)


From Sarah:

“Halloween is my favorite holiday! Every year my family gets together, cooks a huge dinner, and spends a night carving pumpkins. We’ve had some pretty elaborate designs over the years. Last year our theme was horror movie villains!”

Her pick: Elaborate carvings, great for a pumpkin carving party. Grab a pumpkin carving kit (available at any grocery store) and print off a template from Zombie Pumpkins to create your own!

From Jennelle:
“Every Sunday my friends and I get together for a craft night. This week we are doing pumpkin carving – a fall tradition for us.”

Her pick: This year Jennelle is sticking with a classic carving of Frankenstein. Grab your own Frankenstein template here.